Michigan Minutes    Volume 18, Issue 1      Sept.--Oct. 2003

We insure our Buicks thru Hagerty  & occasionally receive updates on legislation from Hagerty news. We received this email earlier this month & wanted to share it with our members.  David & Dayna Dechent

Bills to Expand Use of Historic Vehicles Introduced in Michigan

During the past spring and summer, Hagerty has been working with Michigan Senator, Jason Allen, to introduce legislation that would improve the current restrictive state law defining historic vehicles. At the end of last month, Senator Allen introduced Senate Bill 663 and Representative Howard Walker introduced an identical House companion, H.B. 5040 in the House of Representatives. These bills would allow registered "historic" vehicles to take advantage of "other occasional use." Under current Michigan law, use of historic vehicles is strictly limited to club activities, exhibitions, tours and parades.
We decided to pursue this legislation after hearing from many of our Michigan customers and Hagerty Protection Network (HPN) members. They told us that although their cars qualify for the historic registration class, they have chosen to register as "daily drivers" to avoid the limited use restrictions and are, by consequence, paying the higher fees required of cars that are registered under this class.
We are joined in this effort by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and their SEMA Action Network members throughout Michigan.

We Urge You to Contact Your State Representatives in Support of These Bills

H.B. 5040/S.B. 663 will provide Michigan citizens the opportunity to enjoy the occasional pleasure drive in their historic vehicles and more importantly, acknowledge the immeasurable time, money and thought automotive hobbyists, especially historic vehicle owners, invest in their cars.
H.B. 5040/S.B. 663 encourages owners of qualifying vehicles 25-years old and older to register as "historic" thereby reducing fees assessed by the Michigan Catastrophic Claim Association (MCCA). Registered historic vehicle owners now pay only 20% of the amount required of "daily drivers," which amounts to a substantial savings in yearly costs.
H.B. 5040/S.B. 663 encourages owners of qualifying vehicles 25-years old and older to register as "historic" thereby reducing registration fees. Currently, historic vehicle owners are only required to pay a $30 registration fee every 10 years.
H.B. 5040/S.B. 663 acknowledges that many historic vehicles are insured under policies that already limit their use, require regular use vehicles for each household member with a driver's license, and require these vehicles to be stored in a locked and enclosed garage.
These bills have been sent to the Transportation Committees in both the House and Senate. If you'd like to view the bills, click on the following links for the Senate version and the House version,
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