Michigan Minutes    Volume 19, Issue 1      Sept- Oct  2004

Secretary's Report/Goodbye
Dayna Dechent

I wanted to say "see ya later" to all the people I have bugged over the past several years while editing the Michigan Minutes. I am stepping down as editor after 4? years to go back to school for a while. I have enjoyed my time as editor, picture taker, want ad reminder, harasser of the "get your articles in on time" writers, and all around pest. I got to meet a lot more people, learn a lot about cars, people, racing, and myself while having a ball being editor. Thank you all for your help, encouragement, and compliments during my term. David & I will not be leaving the club, we will most certainly be around for club events, racing, and eating with y'all. Every now & then we'll even contribute an article or two. Thanks again & see you on the Buick circuit! You'll know it's me by the book stuck to my nose!
Dayna Dechent

THANK YOU DAYNA!!!! Your  hard work and Dave's support will be missed!  Good luck with school and racing! See you at the tracks!
Love, the club members of the Michigan Buick Performance Club/Michigan Chapter-GSCA!!!

Buick RaceDay 2004 -Take 2  Pictures

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