2001 Pure Stock Race Winter SHIN-DIG
December 29, 2001
Casey Marks' Home, Milan, MI

Mike Wowk, Dave Dudek, Scott T and others Casey waiting for BBQ Jim to get his beer Brenda warming by the fire Brian, Casey and Denny Manner peruse Denny's old racing pictures


BBQ Jim and Denny review photo album Out in the garage The view from the Loft Case of mistaken identity, we notice the Old Guy aka JoeTaubitz had grabbed his wife's jacket!


BBQ Jim and Casey checking on the exhaust manifold collection? Joe Shepard's GSX gets a beating, burnouts in the driveway! The crowd dwindles And that's all!

Thanks to Casey and all the sponsors, a wonderful time, with good eats, cold beer and lots of stories to be told for years!

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