May 16-20, 2005

A visit to the Jim Beam Distillery on the way to KY!

Dave and Dennis

Video of Dennis Gage Finale at the GS NATS
Video of Dennis Gage signing Buick Dave's Hood Scoop

Photos courtesy of Wally and Michelle Snyder, Wal-Built Racing Engines

This is pretty cool....Remember....."Honor the timeless classics and happy

A few more pictures from the GS Nats 2005
click on pic for bigger picture

This bus was in the McDonald's lot on Friday Morning, check it out,
Sponsored by Wild Bill's Bingo!
Bill, you didn't tell us about your Bingo deal, I think this bus had an Indiana license plate, too!

Jeff Hart and Chris checking out the GSE car!

Nick Sloop rebuilding a Qjet in the Red Roof Inn Parking Lot!

Just some Red Roof Inn yakking action

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