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A (Race Cars) 1st Bruce Hunter, 71 GS 455
2nd Geof Ketchum, Regal Racecar
B (Modified Turbo) 1st Brian Lorenz, 87 T Limited
2nd Attila Csenger, 87 GN
C (Modified non-Turbo) 1st Marty Green, 70 GS
2nd Al Kuehn, 67 Special
D (64 -69 GS/Skylark) 1st Dave Moore, 64 Skylark
2nd John Eberly, 68 GS400
E (70-74 GS/Skylark) 1st Joe Shepard, 72 GSX
2nd John Riley, 70 GS Stage 1
F (Turbo Stock) 1st Greg Spangler, 87 T
2nd Mike Ruminski, 86 GN
G (60 and older Buick, Antiques and Classics) 1st Tom Ferencz, 58 Super
2nd Carol Wilford, 60 LeSabre, 2 door
H (61 and newer Buick Modern Classics) 1st Greg Davis, 65 Riviera GS
2nd Steve Pesch
I (Convertible-Skylark, GS, Reatta) 1st John Vorwerk, 70 GS Stage 1 Convertible, 4-speed
2nd Dee Morris, 68 GS 400 Convertible
2nd Greg Rymarczyk, 68 Skylark Convertible
J (Special Interest) 1st Pat duMaire, 62 Skylark, Baby GN
2nd David Buscher, 49 International Pickup, w/ Buick 455
K (Cosmetically Challenged) 1st Mike Gilbert, 72 Skylark
1st Tom King, 65 Wildcat
2nd Kevin duMaire, 67 Skylark
L (Convertible-Full Size) None
Best of Show John Vorwerk, 70 GS Stage 1 Convertible, 4-speed