Michigan Minutes    Volume 18, Issue 1      Sept.--Oct. 2003

IS IT DONE YET….continued
     While Kent was working on the painting projects, I spent the next 7 months under the car scraping the 1/4'" undercoating off the bottom of the car.  I steam power washed the bottom of the car and used cleaning cookies with an air tool to remove the rest of the undercoating.  Kent did some sheet metal patching in a few places.  We assembled the frame and made it a rolling chassis.  All new rubbers all the way around, new front-end parts, rebuilt Buick Red engine, transmission, drive shaft, and a new Posi rear end.  Stainless steel brake and gas lines are added to frame.  This is when I took some pictures of me in 3 different outfits with my rolling chassis.  The photographer had a smile on his face the whole time.  Out of 3 rolls of film I had found a couple of good poses.
During the '96 Buick Nat's at Bowling Green, KY, I first introduced myself the G.S. Club.  A very nice blond haired gentlemen and I had a nice long conversation while looking over my car pictures in the parking lot.  The next month's newsletter featured me on the inside page, Welcoming the Newest Member!!  Thanks guys!!!
Next was the undercarriage of the car to be painted in DP 90 Black.  After, we lowered the body back on the carriage.  We installed the lined gas tank and stainless steel exhaust.  The engine started for the first time 2-13-96.  I then started taking apart the sunroof, windows and stripped out the interior.  I then moved to my own garage closer to home.  I took the car down to be sandblasted inside and out.  I cleaned every thing up and Kent primed the inside and outside in DP 74 Red.  The next Month I took all the panels and doors down to be sandblasted and Kent again primed the parts.  He did an awesome paint job!
In 1997, I took the car to Bondo Bob a friend of Charlie Roy's.  Bob had the car for 3 months and did all the body work.  He painted the car in Enamel; the color is Torch Red.  Bob did an awesome job on the bodywork and paint.  A little over-spray on the underside of the car, but the body was STRAIGHT & Bright RED!  A Big Thanks to Bob, his wife and Charlie Roy!  The job cost only $3200.  Next I took it to have the Sunroof installed.  I pick up the car and find out the real color of the sunroof is off white instead of white!  The sunroof cable is a little loose, but we'll see how it works.  Charlie also had my bumpers re-chromed for $500.
In 1999 the windshield and windows are put in and adjusted by Bill Bloat and Jim Renner.  I had the seats recovered and painted the dash with 4 coats of paint.  Assembled the dash, heater core/ac duct cluster panel.
Then in Dec. of 2001, I started working on the stereo system.  I had Bob McFarland custom build the sub box that would hold 2 amps and would fit into the trunk up against the back seat.  It took a month to build the sub box.  I was running the wiring with Roberta's help for the stereo.  I installed the amps, 10" subs, and 6X9's in the back and 4" rounds in the front kick panels that tied into a 2-post radio with a bass booster.  The job was completed in   I sounds clear and clean.  Thanks to everyone that helped.
From 2002-2003 I painted all the interior plastic parts, seat backs, and console, glove box and dash pad.  I completed assembling the dash, glove box and AC duct. I then install everything on the headliner.  April 2003, I install the tar pad, carpet, water shields on the doors, and seatbelts.  I then had Tom Knebel assemble my new door panels.  He did a fantastic job!  Next the door panels and the seats are installed.
Then I unwrap my bumpers for the first time in June of 2003.  They were re-chromed in 1997 and this would be the first time seeing the new bumpers.  I assembled the lights and brackets on the bumpers. I put plates on the car on 7-7-03.  I got a personalized plate with "SUNCOUP" as the plate for the car.                                                                                                        (continued next page)