Michigan Minutes    Volume 18, Issue 1      Sept.--Oct. 2003

IS IT DONE YET...continued                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dale and Caleb Birdsley come down for the day, on 7-15-03 and help me install the bumpers on the car and hook up the electrical.  Dale made the job so easy and Caleb was a big help also.  Thanks for all your help guys!! 
Then the car goes to Dave Blackburn, my mechanic the next day.  He installs the tailpipes and puts the rims & tires on the car.  A BIG THANKS to Dave for all his help on all the vehicles and for cutting me a break while I'm not working.  Thanks for being there for me and helping me make this dream come true!!
The next adventure is Roberta comes down and drives the car to Flint on 7-18-03.  She works on the car installing the chrome, the steering wheel, and working on the engine to get it running like it should.  I install some more parts and get the car cleaned up for the Buick 100 Year Centennial.  I show up on Thursday 7-24-03 about 3pm with the 2 other Sun Coupe's.  I also went on Friday.  Saturday looked like rain so my "Baby" stayed in Roberta's garage.  Way too much work to get caught in the rain!  Is that why some guys (Dave) own enclosed trailers.  Don't they have a nickname for that????
Aug. 16th is Woodward Cruise!!!!!  I went down Wed. night and the alternator dies, and I'm in the fast lane Cruisin' Woodward.  The cops show up in a matter or minutes.  I popped the trunk and change out the batteries and start the car.  I dropped it into drive and squawked the tires!  I drove straight to Murray's.  No help there.  I found an alternator shop and had a 135 amp installed on Thursday.  Dayna and I go to pick up the car and the power goes out on the way there.  Get back to the hotel and no power there either.  Roberta arrives.  We went to the store to get water and ice.  When we started getting hungry (no restaurants, no gas, no power), so we called Dave and Dayna Dechent to see if they had any gas appliances.  I cooked shrimp and made my nacho cheese dip.  They wouldn't let us cruise on Thursday night because of the black out.  We go back to the hotel room and it has no hot water or AC.  Its 95 degrees in the room and everyone is outside or sleeping with their doors open.  I meet Kendra Wright, a Hooter's Model and all of us go to Rich Steudmann's house for breakfast.  He has breakfast waiting for us and he has AC and running hot water!  Kendra and I take a 5-hour nap and then go back to Woodward to Cruise.  There are letting us Cruise until 8 pm!  We go back to Rich's house and eat around 11pm.  He's having a party with Tarzan and his fiancÚ', Theresa and her Sweetheart Dan, and a few other friends.  We get up and go back to Woodward, Sat. morning and the power is back on.  It was a normal day, Thank God.  Sunday was a fantastic day for everyone was cruising the strip again.  I met a nice guy Sunday evening also!  I went home on Monday with no problems, with the exception of the power steering box leaking like a sieve from both ends.

A Big Thank-you to everyone!!!!

That has helped on the car, answered my questions, found those little hard to find pieces that I had lost along the way.  To Brian who gave me parts/paint at his cost or for free along with a lot of advice.  To everyone that asked "Is it done yet?"  For those who kept me motivated, did the work for free or at low cost!  It's been a Dream come true with the help from my Friends and Family!  Next show will be Autorama in Feb. 2004.  I hope to see some of my Buick friends there!

Take care and with lots of Love-Brenda Oldeck and her Buick