GSX Engine Break-in 6/19/09

Dave getting ready to fire it up on his :Redneck Dyno"


Starts right up, click on picture for video, this is about half way through the break in.


Click on picture for video



Driver's Seat Back with mouse nest

Drivers seat back with new upholstery - 6/23/09

Thanks, Steve

As is empty engine compartment 6/22/09

Body Plate showing 4 week of February

Cross member comparison, one on left is original, one are the right is one from the stash of parts, different part #s!

Bottom, rusted end of cross member, and one I have in the stash, slightly different

Starter wires, there's nasty blue spice hanging on by a thread of wire, I'm going to have to see if there's enough left in the fusible link to solder and heat shrink!

Engine Compartment after power wash today 6/28/09 by Mike L. Thanks Mike! Will slobber some paint on when not so windy!

Seats done, thanks Steve!

What we did on July 18, 2009

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