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Pictures by of Jimmy Johnson, Toledo, OH

Pictures by TurboDave231

Pat('62 Baby GN) and TurboDave231 Checkin' out Dave's monster computer for his Stage 2 Turbo(BIG STUFF)

BuickDave with the heads off the '68 GS

BuickDave, why is your alternator in your oil gallery?
I guess this is easier than changing the trans in the hotel parking lot in the rain!

The Penn-Ohio Gang holding court with Michigan's Old Guy(JOE T)

NE-GSCA Editor - Rick Martinez working on "The Helmet Cam"

Geof Ketchum and Bobb Makley trying to determine where in the *#)@ this piece of $%# carb came from and why won't it work on Geof's car!!!!!!

TurboDave231 gives up and decides to be the Crew Chief for BuickBerta on Sunday!
But look out in BG for TurboDave231, we may very well see a parachute 9.99 run, well WE HOPE!

BuickBerta! Best ever of 11.228 ET, 1.50 60 FT!

Rick still playing with the duct tape and his helmet for some more action video!

Rick Martinez, 9.27ET!

Rick Martinez getting the Earick Racing V8 Challenge Winner Plague and MOOLAH!

Rick and the "Doug" pair off

John "Runner-up" Stevens doing one of his signature wheelies

Long distance racer Basketball Sam

Buffet burnout Johnno

Renee "Slushie Queen" Moore!

Pictures thanks to Rick Martinez

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